Inputs Production Prices Consumer Costs What We're Watching   Notes for Users  
PPI for Seed Corn Planted Area U.S. Corn Retail Beef Price Cattle Quality Spreads   This file will be updated roughly two times  
PPI for Fertilizer - Nitrogen Soybean Planted Area U.S. Soybean Retail Pork Price U.S. Red Meat Net Exports   per month; early in the month and mid-month.  
PPI for Fertilizer - P&K Wheat Planted Area U.S. Wheat Retail Chicken Price Beef Cow Slaughter      
PPI for Ag. Chemicals Cotton Planted Area U.S. Cotton Retail Fluid Milk Price Bologna Index   Updated data may be available before this file  
PPI for Fuel Rice Planted Area U.S. Rice Retail Cheese Price     is updated - utilize the "Source" and "New data  
WTI Spot Oil Price Hay Planted Area Missouri Hay   Net Farm Income   available" information if you need updated data  
Unemployment Rate   U.S. Hay CPI for Food Crop Receipts less Selected Expenses   before it occurs within this file.  
Exchange Rate Corn Yields   CPI for Food at Home Livestock Receipts less Selected Expenses      
Interest Rate Soybean Yields U.S. Fed Steer CPI for Food Away from Home Farm Real Estate Value   "Last update" refers to the last time that this file  
  Wheat Yields U.S. Feeder Steer CPI for Meat     was updated, not the most recent release of the  
  Cotton Yields U.S. Barrow and Gilt CPI for Dairy Egg Prices   data.  
  Rice Yields Missouri All Milk CPI for Cereal and Bakery        
  Hay Yields U.S. All Milk CPI for Fruits and Vegetables     The historical monthly data can be accessed  
      CPI for Other Food at Home     by clicking here:  
  Beef Cows         Raw monthly data  
  Sows   Food Marketing Cost Index        
  U.S. Dairy Cows            
  U.S. Cattle on Feed            
  U.S. Beef Production            
  U.S. Pork Production            
  U.S. Chicken Production            
  U.S. Milk Production            
Available Excel Spreadsheet Data Files        
December 3, 2015 - 2015 Missouri Agricultural Use Values Calculator        
Spreadsheet to calculate agricultural use values estimates for the Missouri State Tax Commission.      
October 2017 - Livestock Data            
Spreadsheet of historical livestock data.            
October 2017 - Dairy Data            
Spreadsheet of historical dairy data.            
October 2017 - CPI Food Data            
Spreadsheet of Consumer Price Index for Food data.          
2017 AMAP U.S. Livestock and Dairy Excel Baseline Tables